Thursday, May 17, 2018


Assalamualaikum wbt, kami dari pihak UKMDENSTA ingin mengucapkan selamat menjalani ibadah puasa bagi yang beragama Islam. Mari kita bersama-sama mengisi bulan ini bukan sahaja dengan ibadah puasa, malah dengan ibadah-ibadah sunat yang lain.

Semoga bulan yang mulia ini menjadi pendorong semangat kita semua untuk menjalani aktiviti harian dengan lebih baik.

Bersama marilah kita menjadi insan yang lebih baik dari semalam,inshaaAllah.

Ikhlas daripada,


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Dinner with Former High Committee of UKMDENSTA

 An annual dinner between the current High Committee of UKMDENSTA and the former one was held last two weeks on Friday night at Al-Rawsha, Bulatan Kg. Pandan plus was also attended by UKMDENSTA's Advisor, Dr. Atika Ashar.

Starting at 8 pm and ending about 11pm, it was a fun night accompanied with good food and good company. :)

The dinner begins with a quick prayer led by UKMDENSTA's president, Wan Muhammad Nazrul Fitri. Everyone had a quite heavy meal that night with delicious Arabic dishes like Chicken with Mandy Rice, Shawarma, Khabsa Rice and also Kebab plus many more. The smell still lingers as I remember the richness of the flavours of the Mandy Rice.

This might look 'biasa-biasa', but i tell you it was quite 'luar biasa'. :'D

This Arabian Kebab is to die for!

Chicken Shawarma (i sense a bit of drooling my dear readers.)

Kabsa Rice with Chicken looking delicious and it was!
Okay, I have a confession to make.

These photos - I Google-d all of them.
Just to give yalls some hint of what we ate that night, lol.

I'm not promoting the restaurant that we went, but eventhough all the meals in the menu are quite pricey, the portions of the meals are SO big that if you are a small-eater, you should share your meal with another person. I myself can barely finish my meal that night, and that's saying something because I usually eat a lot! I guess what I'm trying to say is eventhough the price is a bit on the expensive side, it is worth it.

Moving on!

After all of us finished our meals, each one of us gave a bit of speech, thanking a few people, and also promised a few things like promising to fulfill our responsibilities of being a high committee and not getting in the way of our studies.

NYDP UKMDENSTA, Muhd Khizreen Rothman giving a few words.

After everyone has spoken, it was Dr Atika's turn to gave a few words which are of useful and motherly advices for us. The night ended with former NYDP II, Azza Syafiqah as the representative of former High Committee of UKMDENSTA presented with a token in the form of Duck Scarf(!) to Dr. Atika Ashar.

Dr Atika receiving the gift from previous High Com of UKMDENSTA, Azza Syafiqah.

After the bills was paid, thanks a lot to Dr. Atika for paying for all of us of a total 30 homo sapiens!

Before everyone went home, a photo session was held at the restaurant's lobby.
Scroll down to see all of them!

Dr Atika Ashar and UKMDENSTA High Committee 2017/2018

Dr Atika Ashar and former High Committe of UKMDENSTA.

Everyone together in one picture!

Because the photo-taking session is incomplete without taking a Boomerang!

Thank you for those who have stayed to read till the end of this post!
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Friday, November 10, 2017


Hello people!

Last 21st October (Saturday) was the last event (and also the most fun part of BJES!) for Bulan Jalinan Erat Siswa (BJES) 2017 which is - *DRUMROLL* - DENSPORT!!!

Densport comprises of a number of sports game between all batches Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 which are Futsal, Netball, Volleyball and also Tug of War!
This event was merrily and joyfully held at Kolej Tun Syed Nasir UKM starting in the early morning breeze or precisely at 8 am.

As usual, the day starts with a bit of warm-up exercise led by our own first-year Romeos!

To the left, to the left XD

Heard a lot of twigs breaking kinda sound during this routine.

Afterwards, the game started without any delay!

The first game to start was Volleyball and Netball.

Starting with Volleyball (Male)

Post-serve, the player seems to be waving goodbye to the ball.

Attempt of spiking the ball.

Female Volleyball Team

At the other part of the KTSN court, a quite intense match of netball was happening.

Looks like the ball is going into the net!

Catching the ball before others get to catch it.

Futsal starts as soon as Volleyball and Netball ends!
Our Futsal match was also joined by a few of our FGG Staff Members.

UKM Dental Staff members joining in Futsal match.

And last but not least, the last game that everyone was waiting for - Tug Of War!!

Tug Of War is the most fun because it doesn't require any skills, or any experience of playing, all you need is your arms to pull the rope as hard as you can and your feet to stand your ground, thus making this game the easiest game and anyone can join in!

The must-watch video of Tug of War moments.
 5th Year vs 4th Year.

 Another must-watch moments of Tug of War - 4th Year vs 3rd Year.

It was about 2 o'clock when Densport reached its end.

The overall champion for Densport 2017 was 4th Year Batch!
The first runner-up place went to the 1st Year.
And second runner-up went to 3rd Year!

Consolation prizes were both given to Year 5 and Year 2. :)

Dr Atika Ashar with 4th Year representative, Tuan Muhammad Zaim.

1st runner-up - 1st Year representative, Arief Faisal.

2nd runner-up - 3rd Year representative, Yeoh Jin Ming.

Dr Atika Ashar with 5th Year representative, Azril Fitri.

Third Year team taking a photo with Dr Atika.

Thanks to everyone that has attended Densport, the event will not be the same without all of you!

Special thanks to UKMDENSTA's advisor, Dr. Atika Ashar for always being there for all of us!

That's all for this post, till the next entry!

Scroll down for more photos!