Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bulan Jalinan Erat Siswa - Team Building

Hello again readers!

Here's a little intro about Bulan Jalinan Erat Siswa (BJES).

BJES is an annual program organized by UKMDENSTA which usually lasts about 1 month and its aim is for the first years student to bond with each other and also with the seniors. During this 1 month period, there will be lots activities which includes Batch Meeting between the first years and all the seniors, Team Building (a half-day activitiy) and Densport (a 1-day activity involving all dental students) which marks the end of our 1 month program.

Team Building was held this morning till noon at the KTSN Volleyball Court and boy, wasn't it fun!
Starting at 7.45 am with a little bit of warm-up exercise and and lots of fun games! But of course, it's not all fun, we made sure to instill some educational games as well! The 1st year students were divided into four groups namely Group Incisor, Group Canine, Group Premolar and Group Molar.

I think i'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. :)

The morning starts with a warm-up exercise and a little bit of stretching.

Stretching exercises led by our own 1st year students.

The girls looking cheerful in the early morning :'D

Our UKMDENSTA Vice President, Muhd Khizreen Rothman joining the warm-up exercise, also spotted other MT DENSTA members.

Afterwards, 4 teams were formed - Team Incisor, Canine, Premolar and Molar.

Cheers by the wonderful Team Incisor!

 Ca-canine Ca-ca canine canine :D
                                                           Cheers by Group Premolar!

                                                       When  I say Molar, you say 'HEY!'  ^_^

Dodgeball started with Team Incisor vs Team Premolar & Team Canine vs Team Molar.
Proceeding to the finals for the dodgeball game was the Team Premolar vs Team Molar with the result of Team Molar being the dodgeball champion!

                                                   A bit of dodgeball action by our 1st years!

                                             MT UKMDENSTA joining in for a bit of fun! :D

The next game was a series of minigames called 'Sukaneka Berantai' - which comprises of The Flour Game (searching for candies in a bowl of flour by blowing the flour off), The Water Station (filling a bottle with 4 litres of water), and lastly the Water Balloon (each team will use two piece of clothes to throw water balloons to each other). The team that ends the course first wins! Now, before you start judging the game by its name, have a look at our clips below!
Using a 5 litres and a 3 litres container, the students must measure 4 litres of water. After that, the 4 litres of water is filled into a bottle using a sponge.

                               Team Premolar leading on from other teams in The Water Balloon Game!

The third game - The Guardians of The Kingdom, each team will have have both of their leaders' ankle tied with a balloon. The opposing team members will try to pop the leader's balloon. The team that defends their balloon the longest time wins!

         The one with the balloon have to be alert and quick to avoid their balloon from getting popped! :D

The last game was also a series of minigames - The Chosen One. The Chosen One also consists of three minigames, All in One A4 (All team members have to fit in one A4 paper), Dental Deaf Man (one of the team members will put on an earphone (the deaf man) & other team members will be given a question to answer. After getting the answer, they have to try to get the deafman to say the answer) and lastly, Dental Osce!

Attempt to fit all the team members in an A4 paper! :'D

The Deaf Man trying to figure out the answer. The answer must be said out in full name of the tooth.

The team has to figure out the name of the tooth, and answer the question together!

It was about 12 pm when the event reached to its end.
The overall champion went to Team Premolar, followed by Team Molar. Third place went to Team Incisor and the Incisor team at the last place.

Overall Champion - Team Premolar!
Team Molar at the 2nd place.

Incisor team at the third place!
4th place - Team Canine

 Regardless either you win or lose, the important thing is what we achieve today. Team building activities are not all fun and games, but also to get to know each other better, communicate with each other and also to improve productivity and motivation of our dental students.

So, that's all for this entry, stay tune for the last event of Bulan Jalinan Erat Siswa 2017 - Densport, which will be held on next Saturday!

Happy weekend and good day!

Friday, October 13, 2017

WELCOME 3rd year to the CLINICAL years!!

Hello readers!!

Yesterday was a very special day for our 3rd year dental students.

Coating Ceremony is an annual event for every 3rd year UKM Dental students where they pledge the Hippocratic Oath and also marks the beginning of their clinical years.

During this event, the lecturers will put on the clinical coats to each student and their clinical partners. And afterwards, they will pledge the Hippocratic Oath witnessed by all the lecturers and other dental students.

The event was also accompanied by an amazing performance by The Walking Tooth consisting of our very talented first year dental students.

This semester's new clinicans - look at all the smiles.

UKM Head of Students Affair and Alumni, Dr Tanti Irawati and UKM Head of Prosthodontics Department putting on the clinical coats to the students.

Pledging to the Hippocratic Oath led by their class rep, Mohd Alif Azril.

The Walking Tooth - covering 'Rapuh' originally by nastia. 

       So, goodluck to all UKM 3rd year dental students aka our new clinicians! This is only the beginning, wishing you all the best, be well prepared and take care of your health - otherwise how you're gonna treat patients if you yourself are sick.

Till the next entry, bye yalls!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Embracing this New Semester

Greetings readers!

It's been quite a while since this blog was last updated.

Today is the first day of the new semester for the 2017/2018 session! Yeayy! Most of us may have new resolutions or old resolutions which is not yet fulfilled for this upcoming semester. While some of us might still have their heads in the clouds and wondering why is the last semester break was too short. Nevertheless, holiday is over, classes and clinics are starting and it's time to gear up! :)

New semester - new subjects to learn, new opportunities, more challenges to face, increasing clinical requirements for the dental students in clinical years, may we can endure all the challenges that we will encounter in the future.

May the semester begins. :D