Thursday, April 21, 2016

International Trip to Dental Faculty of Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia.

This 4days-3nights trip was totally one of the amazing events that has been organized by UKMDENSTA of the year! After months of paperworks, meetings, dance practice and so on, finally we were able to go to an International Trip to visit the Dental Faculty of Universitas Trisakti in Jakarta, Indonesia! Yeay!

With about 8 representatives from each batch (except for Fifth Year students), and including the UKMDENSTA members, there were about 30 of us who went on this trip. 

10th April 2016

The first day of the trip, all of us gathered at Kuala Lumpur International 2 Airport (KLIA2) as early as 6am. Our flight was at 9.50am, therefore we had breakfast at the airport first, performed our Subuh prayers for the Muslims, and ensured to check in the flight tickets.

                              Here we are, taking a group photo before going on-board. 

        Here's a picture of us taking a group photo, when we have finally arrived at the Indonesian
                                                International Airport, Soekarno Hatta. 

The students from Universitas Trisakti were already waiting for us at the arrival gate! And I have to say this; THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY VERY WARM AND NICE! They treated us like we have known them for years, and their hospitality was superb! Thumbs up for Trisakti Dental students! 👍🏻

After we have changed our greetings with the Trisakti students, they took us to Lembur Kuring; a very nice and famous restaurant where seafood is the main food sold there. 
Oh God, the food there was so delicious, it made my mouth watery again just thinking about them.

                       Some of our students taking a we-fie with the students from Trisakti.

After that, we all went to Kota Tua, a very famous place in Jakarta, where the place is actually wide open under the scorching hot Sun. The fun thing about Kota Tua was that, there were assorted museums very near to the place, and it just costs us about 3000rupiah per person. 
As it was almost 4pm, and we arrived there at about 3.25pm, we only had time to visit one museum, which is the 'Muzium Wayang'. Here, we saw many assorted kinds of mannequins and tools used for wayang kulit, all of them were pretty interesting. After a moment in the museum, everyone was like so tired, and therefore, we headed to our hotel, and managed to settle down till night time. 

   Us taking a group photo again, at Kota Tua. This place reminds me a lot of Chow Kit Road back in
                                                                    Malaysia. 😂

11th April 2016

Well, this is the day where the real objective of going on this trip is all about; it is the day to visit the Dental Faculty of Universitas Trisakti!! Yeay!

We had an official ceremony first, where the Dean of Dental Faculty of Universitas Trisakti, and some of their lecturers, and their student body representatives, welcomed us with big hands. We were amazed as their Dean mentioned about their amazing students, a little history on their faculty, and she even made us laugh out loud with lots of jokes and humorous statements! Thumbs up for the Dean of Universitas Trisakti! 
   Our beloved advisor, Dr Nor Atika Md Ashar, is giving away a token of appreciation to the Dean of
                                                  Dental Faculty of Universitas Trisakti. 
                                                     We took a group photo, AGAIN! 
After that, we were divided into two groups, and took a tour around their campus. It was really interesting, as we get to see the different tools they used in the clinic to treat patients instead of what we normally use back in Malaysia. Also, maybe due to them being a private university, they also have a lot of rooms to be used for OSCE, for answering their examination and so on. We were amazed, truly. 

                                           Wow, wished we had one of these in UKM. 

  I forgot what the name of this room is, but this place is used for histology session. Each student gets
                                    their very own microscope to observe the slides. Wow! 

In the evening, we had our Cultural Night, where the students of Trisakti and UKM, showed some performance to the whole crowd watching. The Trisakti Dental students prepared an amazing choir performance, and two traditional but still very elegant and great dance performances! Bravo Trisakti!

Meanwhile, UKM on the other hand, prepared a wushu performance, an Indian dance and a traditional Malay dance followed by the singing and dancing to the song, 1Malaysia.

                                                    It was a totally fun evening! Truly!

 After that, we got up and got back to our hotel.
12th April 2016

Today was the D-day; SHOPPING DAY! It was the day to finally get to know some of the places in Jakarta, and by some souvenirs to bring back to our beloved back in Malaysia. Yay! 

We first went to see the Monumen Kebangsaan (MONAS) and managed to take a lot of selfies throughout the journey. 😊

                  Behind us, that is the MONAS tower! Yay! Looks a lot like Menara KL doesn't it? 

 There we were, taking group photos at the base of MONAS. FYI, MONAS has three levels; the base, the cup, and the roof. The roof had an immensely beautiful scenery, and the wind was so strong up there, we didn't feel like going down! 

Then we went to Thamrin City, where it was said to be one of the shopping heavens in Jakarta. And of course, I BOUGHT A LOT OF THINGS! 

After that, we went to Ancol and took our time to go to Ancol Beach. It was nearly sunset at this time, therefore we took a lot of selfies; some of us were playing with the oceanwater, some of us just playing eith the beach sand, and some of us didn't even want to get themselves dirty with all those sands in your shoes! Haha

The beautiful sunset of Ancol Beach

                                              The beautiful scenery from Ancol Beach.

We had our dinner there, and went back to the hotel, feeling exhausted but still very happy to have filled the day with a lot of sight seeing. 

13th April 2016

It was our last day in Jakarta, and some of our friends from Trisakti came to the hotel to bid us goodbye, and we did took some photos together. Some of us were hugging, the others were making jokes and some were inviting the other to come to Malaysia next time in the future. 

                              The 'goodbye' hug. We are so going to miss all of you guys! 
 Our flight was at 2.30pm, and we managed to get on board safely, and or course, landed safely in Malaysia. 
The memories of being in Jakarta Indonesa, and of course to Universitas Trisakti, will forever be bounded to our minds and hearts. Thank you for the warm welcome Trisakti, and we surely welcome you all to Malaysia, and of course, to our UKM Dental Faculty. 

It was a wrap. Thank you all to those who participated. 

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